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What will I pay for a cash advance

The Cash Advance Question

Many look to a cash advance as a quick and easy way to solve some of their financial problems. There is nothing wrong with thinking about it this way. However, it should also be noted that a cash advance does come with costs attached to it, and they are ignored at your peril. The cash advance question for most is if they should take out this type of loan or not. In other words, is their situation appropriate for this variety of lending?


A cash advance should typically only be used in financial emergencies. No one will advocate for the usage of such a loan to fund some unnecessary spending. After all, what is the point in going into debt just to continue to fund the type of spending that is not necessary in the first place? This is why emergencies such as nearly being late on the utilities bill or a car payment are suitable reasons to take out a cash advance. Purchasing the latest smartphone is not.


The overall costs of a payday loan can be high. It is meant to be a short term loan that is only used by those who absolutely need it, when they absolutely need it. The idea that some people might come in and use this type of loan for a purchase it was not designed for is a large reason why the payday loan industry can get such a bad wrap sometimes. In reality, there is no reason to fear this industry, it is better to just prepare for the costs that are going to come.

The costs depend on the state where the money is borrowed. Each state has the right to regulate this industry, and all of them place some sorts of regulations on this type of lending. The interest rates that are paid are limited by the amount that one is allowed to charge based on what the state has determined is fair. The same can be said amount the amount that one is allowed to borrow in any given state. This is also limited by the state governments as a way of trying to help people avoid falling into a debt trap.


The fees and penalties that one might have to pay on their loan are a result of their inability to make their payment on time. If they are late on their payment or do not submit any type of payment at all, they are going to be charged a hefty fee. This is something that no one wants to get involved in because it is unbelievably hard to climb back out of that hole once in it. As long as the borrower is on top of his or her payments, there should be no issue with the ability to pay back on time. It is just a matter of understanding what the loan terms mean and how to properly handle finances.